Planning the Monthly Get Together


The Monthly Get-Togethers

The monthly gathering is not the most important work of a Family Group. It is the means by which we get to know one another well enough for a true family spirit to develop. When that happens, the real benefit of belonging to Family Groups will follow naturally. There are no rules – only guidelines or suggestions such as:-

Plan activities and set dates at an annual planning meeting.
Share the tasks so that all get a turn at organizing an activity.
Never cancel a planned activity date. To miss means that there will be two months between functions.
Have a backup activity in case of poor weather.
Don’t be disappointed when some people don’t come. Groups have a dedicated core who always come to activities; a satellite group of members who often come; and a few “comets” who only show on rare occasions.
Teenagers will be drawn more to being with their peers than to Family Groups. Get them to bring a friend.
Have a balance of activities so that adults have the opportunity of gathering without the children.
Be prepared to have an activity that allows people to get to know each other (especially where there are new members).
Make it pleasant, even FUN to come to.
All activities should be LOW or NO cost. No-one should be excluded on the basis of cost.


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